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Practice Areas

As one of Massachusetts’s leading law firms, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people in Massachusetts with their legal issues. Whether you or a loved one needs help with criminal chargesacademic disciplinedivorce or family lawestate planning, restraining orders, or RMV Appeals, we are here for you 24/7. Call us 7 days a week for a free case evaluation.

The idea of legal fees can be daunting, people often fear that even making a short phone call to a lawyer will land them having to deal with a huge bill that comes in the mail a few days later. So let’s start with a basic guarantee: at this office, you will never be billed for a fee that wasn’t discussed in advance and agreed to in writing.  Calling to talk about whether you should hire us is free.  The only exception is traffic ticket cases (because people can represent themselves)

Now, suppose you hire us to help you—what will it cost?  That depends on the type of case and the complexity of it. One of the reasons that we offer free consultations is that it gives us a chance to look over your paperwork and give you a fee quote that reflects our estimate of the complexity of the case.

There are no high-pressure ‘sells’ here—you get to take the estimate home to think about, and decide whether you want to move forward without any pressure.
Financing options are available, we offer affordable monthly payments in most cases

100% Confidential