International Clients

We at PiltserCowan Law take great pleasure in serving a globally diverse clientele, from a variety of linguistic, cultural, and national backgrounds.

International clients present a variety of issues that not all lawyers are prepared to deal with. For example, if you encountered legal trouble while traveling, your case may impede your ability to return to the United States, while your inability to return to the United States may interfere with your ability to resolve your case! In one recent case, our client was charged with a variety of public order offenses while departing the country, and we were able to resolve the case with the client appearing in court by video conference. In many cases, we will also work with an immigration attorney to make sure that our client’s ability to enter or remain in the US is protected.

International clients whose native language is not English have the right to a court certified interpreter for all proceedings. Even if the client is conversant in English in their day to day business, the high stakes of a court case and the specialized vocabulary make the presence of a professional interpreter crucial. For the same reasons, we work with interpreters to support client meetings in the office, and we can arrange to have interpreters present for phone calls as well. In some cases, documents in the client’s language may need to be translated for the court, and our interpreters can assist with that as well. To facilitate payment of fees, we can accept international credit cards as well as international bank transfers and cryptocurrency transfers.

Our attorneys and staff welcome our international clients and are sensitive to the special issues these cases present. While it should go without saying, we are comfortable working with a variety of foreign accents and always place our client’s comfort first.

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