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Property Crimes Defense In Boston


Even if nobody is injured, fires create a deadly serious risk. Thus, starting a fire is one of the most serious crimes you can be charged with in Massachusetts. A person convicted of arson can go to state prison for up to 20 years, and even attempting to set a fire can lead to 10 years in prison. Learn More

Larceny, Robbery, Shoplifting And Embezzlement

Larceny is the unlawful taking and carrying away the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive them of it. For comparison, robbery is larceny + the use of force. Larceny can take many forms; for example, a person commits “larceny from the person” if they steal something that is carried on the person (such as a pickpocket), and “larceny from a building” if the property was secured by its presence in a building (such as goods in a warehouse or valuables in a locked room). “Shoplifting” is a special form of larceny carried out in a retail establishment and is treated somewhat differently from other larcenies. Learn More

Larceny By False Pretenses

Larceny by false pretenses is one of the forms of theft that falls under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 30. Put simply, it is the sort of stealing that is achieved by lying and deceit.

Scams, loans taken with no intention of repayment, and lies about the value of property for sale are basic examples of larceny by false pretenses, but it applies to any situation where a person makes a misrepresentation of fact with the intention of depriving someone else of money or property. Learn More

Shoplifting Civil Demands

When a department store, hardware store or any other large retail institution accuses an individual of larceny or shoplifting, that same store or its parent company will often send out a letter with a demand that the accused pay money or else face a civil lawsuit. We often call these “demand letters.” The store or company will send out this kind of a letter whether or not the police and prosecutor believe they have enough evidence to charge a person with larceny. Many of these letters contain confusing language and legalese that create confusion and make it seem like the company or store has more power than it actually does. Learn More

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