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Drug Crimes Defense From Proven Boston Lawyers

Drug cases are among our favorites. These include drug possession charges, possession with intent to distribute, subsequent offense and trafficking charges. Whether you are charged with Class A drugs (heroin and others), Class B (cocaine, many prescription opiates, and others), or a Class C, D, or E drug, we can help.

Attorney Piltser Cowan has won many drug charges, from small-time possession cases to big-ticket trafficking cases. Whether your case involves possession of a small amount of controlled substance or hundreds or thousands of pounds of product, we can help.

The defense in each case is individual — frequently the police can be put on trial, and the defendant wins the case because the police violated your rights (you might have heard of a “motion to suppress.”) Sometimes an unlawful object or substance is found in a car, and all of the people in the car get charged whether or not they knew about it. These “constructive possession” cases can be easy to win if there is no actual evidence that you personally knew about or owned the contraband.

You can see attorney Piltser Cowan talk about how to win these cases on our YouTube channel.

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