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Criminal Appeals Lawyers In Boston

If you went to trial and were convicted, you are not yet at the end of the road. The next step in fighting your case is an appeal.

Criminal law appeals are very different from criminal trials. Trials are about the facts — what happened, who did what, etc. Appeals, however, are about whether the trial judge followed the law. If you hire us to pursue an appeal on your behalf, our team of specialist lawyers will review every aspect of your case from arrest to verdict. We will read the motions, decisions and the trial transcript, and we will interview your trial lawyer and comb their file front to back for appealable issues. We then present those issues to the District Court Appellate Division, Massachusetts Appeals Court or Supreme Judicial Court in a written document called a “brief.”

After both sides have filed briefs, the appellate court may order the lawyers to come in and argue their case, or they may decide the case on written submissions. The result of the case is a published opinion that becomes a legal precedent for future cases. If the appellate court decides that the trial proceedings were fair and legal, they will “affirm” the decision from the trial court. If they agree that there was something wrong, they will “reverse” the judgment and “remand” it back to the trial court, meaning they send it back with specific instructions. Those instructions can range from entering a “not-guilty” verdict on one or more counts, to an order to retry the case.

You can watch a video of attorney Piltser Cowan arguing before the Supreme Judicial Court on a case about breathalyzers here. (Video courtesy of Suffolk Law School).

Appeals will generally cost between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on the complexity of the case. Financing is available for as low as $300 per month! (Subject to credit approval from our third-party financing partner).

Discuss Your Appeals Options With An Experienced Attorney

You do not have to take the next step in you case alone. For a clearer idea about how much your case might cost, and what we think we can do with it, call us at 617-804-7228 or message us to schedule a free consultation.