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3 strategies to get your fair share of the wealth in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Property Division

After living in a high-income household with your spouse for several years, you have grown used to a certain lifestyle. Among other things, going through divorce could mean that you will have to adjust to living with a lower household income and reduced wealth.

However, with the proper strategy, you can help yourself walk away from your marriage with the equitable share of the marital assets you are entitled to under Massachusetts law. Maintaining something close to your current lifestyle is possible if you go into the process with the right mindset and legal support working with you. Here are three tips to help make that happen.

Focus on your priorities

Carefully consider which assets you absolutely need, which ones you would like to have, and which ones you can live without. Being pragmatic (but firm) about the things that matter most to you can help you get through negotiations faster with a minimum of rancor and without sacrificing too much on your end.

Don’t make it personal

Nothing can be more personal than the end of your marriage. At the same time, divorce is a legal proceeding. People who let their emotions take over can drag out the process, costing both sides more money than necessary. Instead, do your best to keep emotion out of it. Try to think of property division as a business transaction that could end up in court if you and your ex cannot reach an agreement.

Get the right team

The divorce attorney you choose matters. You will spend a lot of time working together, so it should be someone you get along with. They should also be experienced with complex property division matters so that you can count on their advice and strategies.